Business Compliance and Support

 If you plan to start a business in Singapore, let Polaris Corporate Services assist you with:

  • Market entry research services (research on permits and licenses required by law, start-up costs, government incentive schemes, grants, subsidies and benefits).
  • License applications (import and export license applications, public entertainment license, etc.).
  • Applications for government grants, subsidies and benefits.
  • GST application.
  • Trade mark applications, and other forms of intellectual property right protection.

Let Polaris Corporate Services deal with the above on your behalf, saving you thousands of dollars of your valuable time-which could be better spent increasing your revenue.  For a small fee, we will deal with the paperwork and hassle.  For more information on trade mark and other forms of intellectual property right protection please refer to our section on Business Development Services.

If you are based overseas, why spend thousands of dollars to fly executives to Singapore or other South East Asian countries?  Just send an email to the professionals.  Polaris Corporate Services has in-depth experience with the Singapore market.  We can process the above efficiently for you, saving you thousands of dollars in time.  We also speak Asian languages and understand Asian culture to ease your maket entry into Asia.

Do contact us if you have any questions.

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