Corporate Secretarial Services 

 If you are starting a business in Singapore, we offer the following services:

  • Company registration and corporate secretarial services
  • Registered office
  • Professional qualified company secretaries.
  • Nominee Directors.
  • Incorporation of off-shore companies.
  • Representative office registration.
  • Partnership registration.
  • Work permit, employment pass, personalised employment pass applications.
  • Striking-off of companies.

1. Registration of companies, partnership and registered offices

Our professionals can provide you with seamless and efficient services to accomplish any of the above.  Once you provide us with the information we need, we can accomplish the registration within one working day.

Invest in the services of a professional and avoid the hassles and delays arising from mistakes and incorrect applications. 

Contact us for a quotation and refer to our blog for our November 2009 article on why Singapore is an attractive place to do business.

2. Corporate secretarial services

Singapore law requires the directors of a company to ensure they have a company secretary who has the knowledge and experience to discharge the duties of the office under the Singapore Companies Act.

The company secretary is the company officer who is  responsible for ensuring that the Company and its directors comply with its reporting obligations under the Singapore Companies Act.  This requires a thorough understanding of the Singapore Companies Act and its regulations and a lot of experience.  Let Polaris International provide you with the services of our well qualified company secretaries. 

Less experienced service providers will result in inconvenience, inefficiency and added administrative cost and time on your part.  Have you ever been told by your company secretary to speak to a lawyer because they did not know how to fulfil certain regulatory requirements or been told by an investor that they found your corporate compliance incomplete during a routine due diligence exercise?  That's what we mean by added costs.

Our full suite of corporate secretarial services includes:

  • Provision of a registered office
  • Preparing and submitting annual returns
  • Preparing directors' and shareholders' resolutions hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and to adopt and approve annual audited accounts and other AGM related resolutions
  • Striking-off of companies
  • Providing registered shelf companies for clients who need to obtain a company quickly
  • Issuing shares and share certificates
  • Appointing and removing directors and their personal particulars
  • Registration of company charges
  • Payment of stamp duty on transactions for which stamp duty is payable
  • Amendments to Memorandum and Articles of Association and special shareholders' resolutions to approve the same
  • Directors' resolutions to issue preference shares
  • Directors and shareholders resolutions and procedure for share splits, share consolidations and the issue of bonus shares 

If you have any queries, contact us.

3. Nominee Directors

This service is available to trusted clients.

Singapore law requires all companies to have at least one Director who is ordinarily resident in Singapore.  To fulfill this legal requirements we can provide the services of a nominee director to trusted clients.  If you are interested in this service, we will provide you with our standard Know Your Client (KYC) questionaire. 

Contact us.

4.  Work Permit, Employment Pass and Personalised Employment Pass Applications

All foreigners are required by law to hold one of the above types of passes in order to work in Singapore. For a small fee, we will process your application(s) for any of the above.

Employment Pass Applications (P & Q Pass)

For your senior executive staff who are foreigners, we can assist in the process of obtaining professional P & Q employment passes. Our end to end service includes professional consultancy, application for and renewal of employment pass and a registered address in Singapore.

Employment Pass Applications (S Pass)

For your technical specialists and professionals, we can assist in the process of obtaining an S Pass in Singapore. Our end to end service includes professional consultancy, application for and renewal of employment pass applications and a registered address in Singapore.  


EntrePass Applications


For entrepreneurs who are planing to set up businesses in Singapore, the special Entrepreneur Scheme is designed to facilitate your employment locally.   Our end to end EntrePass application service includes professional consultancy, assessment of eligibility for EntrePass application and provision of registered address in Singapore.


You are required to provide a business plan together with your application.  If you need to have one, please refer to our page on Business Development Services and contact us.


Dependents' Pass Applications


The spouse and unmarried or legally adopted children of qualified Employment Pass holders are eligible to live and work in Singapore. We can assist in applying for dependents' passes.  Our end to end service includes professional consultancy, application for and collection of dependents' passes and renewal of dependents' passes.


Letter of Consent for Dependent Pass Holders to Work in Singapore


Dependents pass holders who wish to work in Singapore are required to apply and obtain a Letter of Consent from the authorities to do so.  We can assist in the application process by making the application.


If you have any queries, contact us.


5. Incorporation of Off-Shore Companies and Setting up a Trust


We can assist with the incorporation of off-shore companies upon request and also provide advice on the cross-border of structure your group.  In particular, if you wan to set-up a trust, do contact us for an in-depth discussion.

Do contact us if you have any questions.

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